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Okay, so we know we've shared loads of photos from this project all over our Instagram, but today we figured we'd go a little more in depth and tell you all about it! This full home remodel was all about infusing transitional design into this grand (but dated) home. We looked closely at this home's layout to make sure we were using each space to it's best ability. This included reworking bathrooms, bedrooms, and many of the living spaces to create a thoughtful flow throughout the home. One of the home's major transformations was the kitchen!

Take a look and see what you think! Maybe your design style is transitional as well!

Let's talk finishes! This space is a black, white, and brass dream and it boasts a fifteen (yes, I said fifteen), foot island. All of the stone in this kitchen is a marble called Calacatta Altissimo and in this kitchen we went with a polished finish. Now, before you get nervous about maintenance, you should know that there is a protected liner on all the marble in this home to protect from staining. Because of this there's no reason to cry over spilled wine! Yay! We chose to continue the marble on the backsplash and the vent hood to continue the gorgeousness as much as possible.

We chose to continue the marble on the backsplash and the vent hood to continue the gorgeousness as much as possible!

All of the hardware and lighting in this space are a brass finish but we like to mix metals so all of the plumbing is in a polished nickel finish. This is a warmer metal so it pairs nicely with the brass.

For the pantry door, we had this custom swing door made of steel and fluted glass. If you have an opportunity to customize a pantry door, we say go for it!


As far as appliances go, this kitchen is Subzero Wolf all the way. Although, you might have a hard time spotting all of them since the fridge, freezer, wine column, fridge drawers, two dishwashers, and warmer drawer are all finished with cabinetry overlay. When you have a long list of dream appliances, cabinetry overlay is a great way to keep from being a distraction in design.



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