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House of Four was born out of a love for design from Founder and Principal Designer Melody Gangi. Today, House of Four is a full service interior design studio based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Melody Gangi and team serve clients local to the Las Vegas Valley. They work intimately with their team and clients and take on projects of all sizes, from styling and furniture projects to large scale remodels.

"Working with Melody was an absolutely amazingly positive experience. Before our house was a dated box that looked like any other home on the block. Now it is really something special, each piece has a story. Not only does each room look great but the overall project is really cohesive. There isn’t too much of any one color, or too little. When you look at each room it really feels like home."

While beautiful design is at the heart of the studio’s approach to each project, additionally we make sure to provide accessibility to our team and a tailored service for each client based on their needs and desires. With this, we can create the collaborative environment necessary to execute thoughtful design.

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Melody Gangi, founder of House of Four, is a designer known for creating beautiful, comfortable, and happy spaces. With the demonstration of timeless concepts and relaxed sophistication signature to her body of work, Gangi brings accessibility of beautiful design to the Las Vegas Valley.

A curated, clean, and warm experience is at the center of Melody’s design approach. Through an exploration of color, use, materiality and intuitive collaborations of contemporary and classic, architectural and organic, she curates a new experience for every space.




Claira Brown, lead designer at House of Four Design, has seven years of design experience in both residential and commercial design. Brown received her academic training in architectural design at the University of San Francisco. As a Las Vegas native, Claira always knew she’d bring her experience & passion home. Melody and Claira work intimately to create inspiring spaces in every House of Four project.

At House of Four, we work intimately and allow our style, expertise, and love for design to curate beautiful spaces that are unique to each client.
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