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Without a doubt, one of the spaces in our Fairview Project that had the most drastic transformations was the Master Bathroom. The space was dark, lacking function, and clearly stuck in the 90's. We had such a pleasure transforming it into a clean, beautiful and functional space.

Let's talk finishes. You'll notice beautiful marbles all over the place in this project! We love marble and luckily, so does our client. In this space, the floating vanities are topped in a polished White Carrara marble. The floors and shower walls are Asian Statuary marble in a 12x24" size. The shower floor and center of bathroom herringbone detail are a smaller version of the same stone. Just adds a little interest, you know?

As for cabinetry, we used a light gray color in a shaker style. Our client's wanted to have a contemporary feel so we went for a floating vanity. As designers, we wanted to honor the character of the home, so a shaker style cabinet was a must to make sure our more contemporary design elements made sense in the home.

One of the most consistent requests from clients is storage, storage, storage! In this bathroom, we opted for counter cabinets on "her side" to maximize the space available. As for metals in this bathroom, we went brass all the way! The brass and gray give a calming effect to the space and we love how it all came together.




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